We remain open during the COVID situation as healthcare providers are considered essential and we have all of the sanitation and prevention measures in place.

**All staff are fully vaccinated and boosted**



Our Practice in the time of COVID-19

Regulated Health Professionals in Ontario are allowed to work in all levels of the provincial response framework.

The virus is still active in our community, so the risk of transmission still exists.

There are many changes that have happened to the policies, procedures, and physical appearance of our practice.

These modifications were made to ensure that we all remain safe.

Galt Massage Therapy’s Commitment to Lessen the Transmission of COVID-19:

  • The reading and implementation of hundreds of pages of documents from the Ministry of Health to fully understand transmission prevention, hospital grade cleaning practices, health and safety practices, public health measures, etc.

  • The cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and equipment after contact, even when they are not visibly soiled.  This includes the massage table, pillow, bolster, desk, payment machine, tablet/computer, pen, shelves, door handles, light switches, lotion dispenser, etc. 

  • Documenting of our cleaning processes and timing.

  • Educating clients on the proper use of PPE.

  • Removal of all non-essential or hard-to-clean objects from the clinic.

  • Laundering and thoroughly drying fabric items that have come into contact with the client or therapist on the highest temperature setting possible (we have always done this and also have always used bleach).

  • Constantly screening our own health and staying home if we have any kind of spreadable illness.

Client Responsibilities:

  • Understand that because massage therapy involves maintaining prolonged and close physical contact in a small room, there will be an elevated risk of disease transmission, including COVID-19.

  • Bring your own clean mask to wear for the entire time that you are at the clinic, including throughout your treatment.  We will check your mask for a proper fit when you arrive.  If you forget your mask, we will sell you one for $3 with all proceeds going to the local food bank.

  • You must sanitize your hands upon arrival and before you leave the treatment room (you will have touched your clothing, skin, and maybe face).  We will provide the sanitizer.

  • Happily answer our COVID-19 screening questions every time we ask them.  We must ask, and then document the answers, with every visit as your situation can change at any time.  We know it will get boring, but it is essential to stopping the spread

  • Please stay home if you have any kind of spreadable illness or are awaiting COVID-19 test results.

Our philosophy of treatment is to get to the root of the problem, address it,

and enable the person to get on with their normal activities.


We use therapeutic techniques to relieve long term pain, tightness and imbalances.

  Not all massage is the same... Experience NISA

A different kind of massage therapy

 NISA provides long lasting changes to chronic postural habits, and most clients feel

increased range of motion and less restriction after one or two treatments.

Proper alignment feels so much better!

Massage Therapy is a hands-on approach to healing and maintaining the body that is performed by regulated health professionals.

Massage is Good

It works by:

  • physically breaking up adhesions and scar tissue

  • increasing the flow of blood and lymph, thereby speeding the healing of injuries and increasing the drainage of toxins (by-products of metabolism)

  • decreasing the tone of tight muscles

  • releasing entrapped nerves

  • increasing joint mobility


Used regularly as a maintenance tool, massage:

  • keeps the tissues healthy with regular blood/lymph flow

  • decreases the tension on the nervous system by keeping the muscles and joints that surround the nerves flexible and supple

  • improves posture and body awareness

  • increases flexibility in the joints and muscles to help prevent injury

  • improves breathing by releasing the muscles surrounding the rib cage

  • decreases overall stress and fatigue levels by maintaining a lesser muscle tone and causing you to take some time out for yourself to heal.  Plus, touch has been scientifically proven to be an essential part of living a healthy life.


Basically, massage is an all natural, nurturing way to take care of yourself

that’s been used by people for millennia.