Heidi Brouwer, M.OMSc.,

Licensed Osteopathic Practitioner


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We are now located at 73 Water Street North, 2nd floor, suite 212 in Cambridge Place

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Galt Massage Therapy is in Cambridge Place.


  Not all massage is the same... Experience NISA

A different kind of massage therapy

 NISA provides long lasting changes to chronic postural habits, and most clients feel

increased range of motion and less restriction after one or two treatments.

Proper alignment feels so much better!

Our philosophy of treatment is to get to the root of the problem, address it,

and enable the person to get on with their normal activities.


We use therapeutic techniques to relieve long term pain, tightness and imbalances.

Massage Therapy is a hands-on approach to healing and maintaining the body that is performed by regulated health professionals.

Massage is Good

It works by:

  • physically breaking up adhesions and scar tissue

  • increasing the flow of blood and lymph, thereby speeding the healing of injuries and increasing the drainage of toxins (by-products of metabolism)

  • decreasing the tone of tight muscles

  • releasing entrapped nerves

  • increasing joint mobility


Used regularly as a maintenance tool, massage:

  • keeps the tissues healthy with regular blood/lymph flow

  • decreases the tension on the nervous system by keeping the muscles and joints that surround the nerves flexible and supple

  • improves posture and body awareness

  • increases flexibility in the joints and muscles to help prevent injury

  • improves breathing by releasing the muscles surrounding the rib cage

  • decreases overall stress and fatigue levels by maintaining a lesser muscle tone and causing you to take some time out for yourself to heal.  Plus, touch has been scientifically proven to be an essential part of living a healthy life.


Basically, massage is an all natural, nurturing way to take care of yourself

that’s been used by people for millennia.



Masking mandate has been lifted

The use of masks is now up to the discretion of the RMTs and clients:

  • If you as a client wish to continue wearing a mask, we support you in that

  • If you would like your RMT to wear a mask during the session, we will definitely do that (we will be wearing one regardless)

  • If we as RMTs would like you, the client, to wear a mask, please respect that decision

  • If either the RMT or client has any mild symptoms (of anything transmissible) we would both wear a mask to protect everybody

  • If you are immuno-compromised, let us know before-hand and we will make sure that everyone in the clinic is masked the day that you come in

We will continue to:

  • provide hand sanitizer

  • clean and sanitize the clinic after each client

  • clean and sanitize all linens after each client

  • self-monitor for any illness and act accordingly

**All staff are fully vaccinated and boosted**