These are the types of therapy that we provide:

What Happens at a Massage Therapy Treatment?

  1. intake - the client fills out a health history form and discusses his/her condition and expectations of treatment
  2. assessment - postural and/or orthopedic testing
  3. consent - client is fully informed about what will happen during treatment and asked for consent to proceed
  4. treatment - includes massage techniques and possibly hydrotherapy and stretches
  5. homecare - prescribed stretches, strengthening and/or hydrotherapy (e.g. baths or ice packs)

Because of the COVID-19 virus:

  • the client will be asked virus screening questions shortly after booking the appointment, and again as they arrive at the clinic
  • we ask that the client wait outside until the appointed time so that they can go directly into the treatment room and avoid the waiting area
  • both the client and therapist will be wearing a mask for the entire visit
  • the client will sanitize her/his hands upon arrival at the clinic and just before leaving the treatment room
  • we ask that the client understand that because massage therapy involves maintaining prolonged and close physical contact in a small room, there will be an elevated risk of disease transmission, including COVID-19