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Learn the NISA Fascial Technique to Have Better Outcomes For Your Clients

NISA is a deep tissue technique that works directly on the fascia of the body.  It provides long lasting changes to chronic postural habits, and most clients feel increased range of motion and less restriction after one or two treatments.

NISA is a softer, more gentle derivative of Rolfing, and can be performed in individual treatments or in a specific series of twelve weekly sessions with a direct focus of improving the person’s posture (see NISA Advanced Course for more details on this).

The NISA process releases fascial adhesions; it stretches, frees, & clears the tissue.  The softened layers of fascia, having regained their flexibility and elasticity, permit improved structural alignment and body mechanics.

These are intensive, practical, hands-on workshops, and the techniques can easily be incorporated into your massage practice.  You will learn to do a body reading, similar to a postural assessment, where we will see how the fascia is affecting it's person's posture and movement.  You will also learn the unique hand work which will allow you to affect changes in the distorted fascia to give your client their freedom back.

NISA Basic, Part 1 Course

April 14-16, 2023 in Cambridge, Ontario

$450 (HST included)

See below for course specifics.

NISA Basic, Part 2 Course

July 7-9, 2023 in Cambridge, Ontario

$450 (HST included)

See below for course specifics.

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NISA Advanced Course

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NISA Basic course is a pre-requisite